Vertical Applications

A single platform that supports increasing solution complexity and device volumes.


The BlackBerry® IoT Platform delivers a system for collecting and managing information between a vehicle and a customer’s back-end system. The platform provides a secure, hosted environment with the ability to collect data from vehicles, manage data flow intelligently, store data, and provide near real-time querying capabilities.

Use Cases and Capabilities

The platform supports use cases such as authentication, remote control, and systems monitoring. In addition, the platform provides device analysis, device management, and over-the-air updates for device software, content, and configuration that can be very valuable for the automotive industry.

Asset Tracking

The BlackBerry IoT Platform offers a scalable messaging system for tracking assets. Data can be collected and shared using sensor hardware on assets like shipping containers, refrigerated containers, and pallets. All the participants in the supply chain can access relevant and controlled data, applications, and devices according to permissions defined by administrators.

Use Cases and Capabilities

The foundation of the platform has a logic component which can be used to create geo-fences, transportation routes, and alarms. Further, the logic component can host applications that use cloud processing power to augment device capability. This ability saves limited battery power on the tracking devices, and increases the operational life of in-field devices. Applications and interfaces can be built to support independent visualization, data access, and mapping needs.