The BlackBerry® IoT Platform is a comprehensive set of components comprising device software, cloud services, and data interfaces.

Device Software

Data Generators

Cloud Services

Intelligent Exchange
& Service Platform

Data Interfaces

Data Consumers

Cloud Services

The BlackBerry IoT Platform’s cloud services component has three core elements:

Platform foundation with core messaging services

Business logic to build specific applications

Application modules for developer connectivity

The BlackBerry IoT cloud services are hosted within the BlackBerry infrastructure, which provides for physical security and 24/7 monitoring for threat detection and threat response.

Platform Foundation

The foundation of the BlackBerry IoT Platform is a highly reliable, scalable messaging system used for instantaneous data indexing and storage. It generates responsive performance and transaction security, and is designed to act as the messaging bus and anchor for all services, features, and future capabilities.

The foundation also provides components for search analytics, data permissions/authentication, persistence/storage, and integration connectors that enable powerful data analytics and interpretation across an organization.

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Business Logic

Business logic is where information from IoT objects or devices is understood and actioned. The BlackBerry IoT Platform allows business logic to be developed on devices and in the cloud. The use of cloud processing offers distinct advantages for constrained and embedded devices. Specifically, computational- and memory-intensive tasks can be offloaded and scheduled in the platform foundation, rather than on the device. Additionally, device-side logic can process tasks locally, providing autonomy, whether connected or not.

Application modules

The BlackBerry IoT Platform has a flexible structure of independent application modules that work in tandem with the platform foundation to provide rich functionality for data collection, device lifecycle management, federated identity, and device management.

These modules provide pre-integrated, tailored tools to simplify and enable the rapid implementation of IoT solutions. Using these pre-built components and by leveraging only the components needed, an organization can efficiently customize an IoT solution.

Data collection

Lifecycle management

Device management

Federated identity