BlackBerry IoT Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly taking shape. Billions of smart devices, from cars and trucks to containers and hospital beds, will create and share data. But who will be given permission to see and use this data?

The BlackBerry® IoT Platform is here to give you that control, providing a cloud-based solution that lets you build and manage IoT applications and devices in a secure, efficient, and scalable way.


The BlackBerry IoT Platform provides a modular architecture to rapidly add BlackBerry and third-party services into your IoT applications and, once built, a backbone for these apps and devices to communicate privately.

Device software

Devices are connected via software ‘agents’ that can run on multiple operating systems. This capability is based on over 35 years of embedded software development expertise at BlackBerry.

Cloud services

The BlackBerry IoT Platform is hosted in the secure, global BlackBerry infrastructure, which today securely handles 35+ petabytes of mobile data per month. The cloud services provide the functionality to intelligently collect and analyze data, as well as manage devices through their entire lifecycle.

Data Interfaces

The BlackBerry IoT platform is designed to support data portability and analysis. Developers can take advantage of REST APIs, scalable data pipes, and persistent message queues to stream and exchange data with external systems.

Design Principles


Authentication, authorization, and data security are provided through patented BlackBerry cryptography and key management technologies. These techniques are architected for a wide range of devices, including those operating under resource constraints and those that require high performance.

The BlackBerry IoT Platform is hosted in the secure, global BlackBerry infrastructure.


The IoT landscape includes a massive number of devices – far greater, more diverse and more richly interconnected than the mobile and PC waves preceding it. To support this, the BlackBerry IoT Platform is engineered with modern technologies to support massive scalability, instantaneous data indexing, and redundant long-term storage. The IoT Platform is designed to avoid bottlenecks and to be scalable at every layer of the architecture.


Messaging is at the heart of IoT. To send and receive useful data between devices and data centers requires infrastructure, databases, and security working together in a reliable, high availability system. BlackBerry supports both event-driven and store-and-forward messaging for a complete, trusted, and hosted solution. The result is efficiency for developers and a lower TCO for enterprises.