BlackBerry Protect

Your key to security

You know that sinking feeling you get when you lose something really important? Imagine it's your BlackBerry® smartphone. Don’t panic. With BlackBerry® Protect™, what’s lost can be found.

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Stay safe. Stay secure.

BlackBerry Protect is a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

Back it up

Your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly. It’s done automatically, and as often as you choose (daily, weekly or monthly).

Protect your information

You’ve lost your smartphone. Why wonder who has access to your information? Simply log in to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock your device.

Pretty sure you’re not going to see it again? You can delete the information on your smartphone and microSD card from the BlackBerry Protect website too.

Find your smartphone

Maybe you’ve just misplaced your smartphone. Lock and display a message on your smartphone Home screen for whoever may find it. Then locate it on a map and go get it.1 Or if you think your smartphone is nearby, simply force it to ring at full volume.

Switch smartphones

Just bought a shiny new BlackBerry smartphone? BlackBerry Protect makes it easy to restore the device settings, contacts and calendar items you had backed up on your last one.

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  1. 1 In South Korea the 'locate device on a map' feature is not available.

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